[POLITICS] The U.S. Supreme Court and the Global Gag Rule: Policy Likely to Stay in Place Throughout Trump Presidency

This article originally appeared at Vita di Donna on 15 February 2017 and can be read here (in Italian). Associazione Vita di Donna Onlus is a non-profit organization based out of Rome, Italy, that aims to protect women’s health and reproductive rights, headed up by Dr. Elisabetta Canitano. Continue reading [POLITICS] The U.S. Supreme Court and the Global Gag Rule: Policy Likely to Stay in Place Throughout Trump Presidency

Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

I’m sitting here, at the end of a long work day (I did not take a break, except a brief retreat to the restroom, mostly just to get away from my desk but not interact with others), and I am numb. Earlier, the news broke across social media that Carrie Fisher had died. When I saw the words of the headline, I drew a sharp breath and fought the harsh sting of immediate tears, a battle I would continue to wage for the rest of the day. Burying myself in a heavy workload after a long weekend, I tried to distract myself from the creeping feeling of despair, but I kept turning back to the constant stream of posts and tweets. Some genuine, some absurd, some cringe-worthy. Every one would bring the tears again, and I would have to look away. Continue reading Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

A Length of Rope, Revisited


Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of returning to my old university for dinner with a former professor, now friend, and taking in a movie from the school’s Tuesday film series. The feature was Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, from 1948, a minor suspense thriller based on a stage play by Patrick Hamilton. After the film, as we wandered around campus, I remembered that somewhere out there I had written a review of Rope that was somewhere between unfavorable and apathetic. I’ve since found this review, from 2010, and am sharing it here unedited, with a few updated comments (in brackets and italics throughout): Continue reading A Length of Rope, Revisited

OHMC 2016 – Shin Godzilla and a Return to Contemplation


This morning, I saw this within a post on a friend’s Facebook page: “Insegnami la gloriosa lezione che qual che volta io passo sbagliare.” Translated from Italian, it says “Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally I can make mistakes.” I have made a mistake in not keeping up on posting about the October Horror Movie Challenge, but today I fix that by talking a little about contemplative horror, particularly in terms of Shin Godzilla (Godzilla: Resurgence). Continue reading OHMC 2016 – Shin Godzilla and a Return to Contemplation

OHMC 2016: The Warm-Up Post


It’s getting to be that time of year again, the October Horror Movie Challenge. As the image above says, 31 days – 31 movies – no excuses. For those unfamiliar with the Challenge, the standard requirements are to watch 31 horror films in the month of October, with at least 16 of those films as first time views (FTVs). Some people go bigger than that, logging a hundred or more (!) films for the month, which I’ve tried and let me tell you: it was not fun. Some people just stick to the 31/16 model, which is what I tend to do these days. Continue reading OHMC 2016: The Warm-Up Post

Bro’d Trip – Magic Mike XXL

There’s a scene in Magic Mike XXL (2015, dir. Gregory Jacobs) where pretty-boy Ken (Matt Bomer) sings Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” to a neglected housewife who has just disclosed that she and her husband have not had sex with the lights on in several years. He holds her close, encouraging her to demand more in the bedroom, essentially telling her that she deserves to have her fantasies come true. It’s such a completely raw, naked (though fully-clothed) moment that I wasn’t entirely sure if I should have applauded or cried. I may have done both. As it turns out, there are several similarly surprising and heartfelt moments in this sequel to the 2012 smash hit. Continue reading Bro’d Trip – Magic Mike XXL

2 Fast 2 Furiosa – Mad Max, and Other Thoughts

Friends! It’s me, your old pal anna, back from a very long hiatus in which I did not much but sit around and watch stuff and not write about it. Since the last post, I’ve watched the entire Fast and Furious series, bought some comics, played some Magic: The Gathering (NERD ALERT!!), and started watching some of Netflix’s original content. Not bad! But the downside is that my computer is getting very old, and it’s harder to use it because of how slow and feeble it’s gotten. In fact, the last time I even had it up and running was sometime in April. Time to start shopping for a new one.

Anyway, I figured it’s high time to get back into the swing of things before my old compy sets itself on fire in protest, and what better than to talk a bit about the latest Mad Max movie? Continue reading 2 Fast 2 Furiosa – Mad Max, and Other Thoughts