watch this space (Noirvember and more)

Hi! It’s been quite a while, has it not. Stay tuned – I’ve got movies to talk about here, both in October for the October Horror Movie Challenge (which I plan to fail), and in November for Noirvember, and a look at the films screened during Noir City Detroit 2022.

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happy “new” year

When we wish a happy New Year, or say things like “good bye [YEAR OF HORROR*],” it’s not that we don’t know that time is an arbitrary measurement, or that one year flows into the next without revelation, or that one day flows into tomorrow, like the following hour, the following minute, the second after you read this sentence. We implicitly understand that as soon as 2020 ends in our respective time zones everything will not magically change other than the little number at the end of the year.

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calm (updated)


yoga toes, before the storm

[post updated 23 april 2020]

I’ve started doing yoga in the morning, right after waking up, and in the evening, right before bed. It’s early to tell if it’s useful, but there have been some benefits. Mostly, I feel taller. This is crucial to someone who is a mere 5’2″. But I’ve noticed an improvement in my posture, deeper breathing, and a greater desire to take pictures of my toes after the routine. I’ve also, in the mornings, been setting my intention for the day. How this happens for me is I let my mind go blank and allow the first word that comes to mind be the intention. The other day, it was “gratitude,” so I made sure to be particularly thankful in every interaction. Continue reading calm (updated)