dinnertime storytime

Tonight, dad told a really amazing story about how he and my mom were coming home from the county fair years and years ago, and they saw a horrendous car crash. He instructed my mom to take a flashlight to direct traffic while he went to a nearby house to call for rescue. He recalled seeing the vehicle that caused the accident zoom over some train tracks, past them, and through an intersection, t-boning into an elderly couple in a Cadillac. There was a lot of detail in the story, including where in town mom and dad were living at the time, and who owned the house where dad went to make the phone call to emergency services.

After finishing this story of heroism, dad turned to mom, who offered nothing extra to this wild tale, and said, “Don’t you remember that?,” and she looked at him exactly like this:

And I laughed so hard I died. It was the best story ever.



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