[guilty] pleasures

I’m done with this phrase forever. People who feel like they have to justify their taste in music or cinema by using this phrase: knock it off. I have questionable taste in everything. I’m owning it. I don’t care if everyone knows that I love the greatest hits over the b-sides or that I don’t always go see every subtitled art film out there. In fact, I say: less artsy, more fartsy.

It’s tiring to think that people are still trying to prove how much obscure crap they know in an effort to impress anyone. Oh shut up already, life is not an audition for Jeopardy. Just admit that you love the same crap that 99% of the rest of the world does and go eat a hot dog over it and there you go. NOTE: This obviously does not apply to anyone who truly hates mainstream anything, although I’m still calling bullshit, because you’re probably like one of those homophobic senators who gets busted having hot gay buttsex in a club in D.C. You like it. Just own it.

Well. This went into a different direction than intended. Point being, love what you love honestly. Don’t feel bad or like you have to apologize for your taste in entertainment. If you like Wang Chung then go on and have fun tonight. That includes everybody. Yes, even you who secretly knows the words to every Nickelback song ever written.  It’s cool. If anyone judges you for it, kick them in the gooch, ‘cause. hey, hey, you’re gonna be a rock star. Although…

These guys? Really?


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