i am a bad person

Well, okay. I am not exactly a bad person. I’m not shabby. I have acceptable personal hygiene. But apparently, I am no good at writing regularly. I think the last thing I posted was six years ago? Something like that.

What now. Things have been happening. Life, y’know. It does its thing. Go to a rock show, eat a couple burgers, have a panic attack. THE USUAL. Nothing to see here, ma’am, move along.

So. So. SO. *sigh* I need to be better about writing things and posting them on the internet so they can come back to bite me in the ass in my old age. Maybe if everyone else could be a little less interesting, I would get shit done.

I didn’t really have a point for today’s post. I took a nap for two hours this evening. That was two hours ago. I’m still not awake.




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