horrorhound weekend columbus: a thing that happened

So this past weekend I went to HorrorHound Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. It was really amazing and fun and better than Cats. I got to meet a buttload of people more famous than me, including PAM GRIER OMG, and some other people that probably only horror fans would know.

The most important thing from this weekend was getting to see people that I only get to see one time a year. This is important because I’m really a homebody at heart and sometimes I get big anxiety about being in huge crowds, and also because I’ve known many of these people for about five hundred years in online form so seeing that they are humans and not robuts is really meaningful, unless they are all really well-made robuts, then WHAT THE FUCK YOU ALL LIED TO ME.

I spent a lot of money this weekend getting autographs and horror tchotchkies, which I feel a little bad about now, but then I remember that I’ll have a lot of memories to go with those things, which is comforting because my memory is slowly falling apart. Also, all these signed DVDs will probably go to my nephew when I become a decrepit old woman in five or six years, so he will have something to remember me by.

There are so many things that happened that it’s hard to recall all of them. My buddy Aaron Christensen (Dr. AC, Fool For Blood and the brains behind Horror 101, which if there ever is a sequel to, I am going to be all up in that thing) hosted the q & a session with Pam Grier and somehow managed not to turn into a drooling mess; Gunnar Hansen (a.k.a. Leatherface) gave us props for staying away from the big party crowd on Saturday night and I asked him to join us, but no luck (SADFACE); getting five million pictures with various friends and famous-type-people; and more. I asked Pam a question at the q & a, but not before AC called me out for being short, the knob. Well, whatever. At least he did it with a Davy Jones reference, so I guess he’s okay again in my Official Stuntman Mike Book of People Who Are Okay in My Book.

I’m sure I’ll remember more things that happened, including getting drunk with Coye Vega, which is an event in and of itself and you should try it sometime, and sitting in Tippi Hedren’s chair LIKE A BOSS, when the incriminating photos start to emerge all over the internet. Until then, there is this:

Proof that this happened. Excuse me while I go die of happy now.



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