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movie bloogin’: phantom of the paradise / goodbye, william finley

I got a movie bloog elsewhere online, but I’ve made exactly one post to it, and now I realize how silly it is to have a bloog over there when I have a bloog over here that I can use for whatever the fuck I want, including movie-type stuff. So here is a movie-type stuff I hand-wrote using real pen and paper at my jerb today, because I was bored and we all got told that we couldn’t be on our smrtfones so much because work. LIKE WTF, THAT IS HOW I KEEP TRACK OF ALL OF YOU DURING THE DAY. I would typically say “YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME” here, but heh heh, they actually are the boss of me, so YAY GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT I LOVE MY JOB ALL HAIL THE ALMIGHTY DOLLAR DOLLAR BILL Y’ALL.

Anyhow, bloog! Continue reading movie bloogin’: phantom of the paradise / goodbye, william finley


facts about: micky dolenz

[part one in maybe an ongoing series of facts about people or things, or maybe just a one part series, or who knows]

If you know me at all, you know that I am a Smart Person Who Knows Things About History and People. There are scant few of us SPWKTAHPs out there; in fact, I really only know one: Simian Idiot, a.k.a. Rev. Back It On Up 13, a.k.a. The Big Boss of This Area, a.k.a. Diana. We used to lay down all kinds of True Facts and Historical Knowledge all the time on a newsgroup called [REDACTED], but it’s been a while since we schooled people with Truth. Continue reading facts about: micky dolenz