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a moment of silence

Apologies in advance, this won’t likely be the usual type of post, with jokes and whatnots.

So coming soon to be cross-posted here are posts for the October Horror Challenge, which is more or less exactly what it sounds like. It’s a month-long challenge to watch at least 31 horror films, 16 of which have to be first time views. People are gearing up for the Challenge, in particular, my dear friend Christianne Benedict from Krell Laboratories, who has designed the official blog images for this year’s Challenge, and is also currently doing a fundraiser to attend Fantastic Fest, so go check that out! Continue reading a moment of silence


places where we didn’t eat

This weekend, my parents and I are in Cincinnati to go see the baseball. Along the way, we stopped to get something quick to eat because a) I hadn’t eaten much, and 2) I get fucking cranky when I don’t eat, so see a. We ended up at the first place we saw, which was Taco Bell, which was fine by me, because it gave me another chance to see if they finally used my tweet in their Doritos Locos Tacos packaging.

Skunked again. Continue reading places where we didn’t eat

what fresh hell…?

Wow. Looking at yesterday’s blorg, what happened there? What a hot mess. Two pictures in one post?! So atypical. Well, anyhow. Thanks to everyone who read it, and I’m sorry I wasn’t exactly coherent. I’d especially like to apologize to my followers, which…thanks for following me in the first place. I’m glad you are here. Frankly, I’m SURPRISED you’re here, because I have what’s known in the medical community as a crippling case of self-doubt, low esteem, and a general disbelief in the fact that some people might actually LIKE me. But not LIKE LIKE me. Not like that. Noooooo way. So anyhow, um, thanks! Enjoy the stay.

Now, on with today’s blerg! Continue reading what fresh hell…?


(pictured: my patronus)

Hey everybody! So today was a day. When I went to work today, I was all like FUCK YO’ WORK hardcore. I started searching for new jobs AT WORK. Uh, that’s not good. I was doing it on my phone, though, so it’s not like I was using company resources or anything, except their time, but whatever. I was especially not happy about this thing where we have to come in early every Friday for sales training; that whole thing can take a flying fuck at the mooooooooon! But what are we gonna do now? Continue reading huh…hiiiii

and we’re back!

Wow. I am a bad blorger. The last time I posted a blerg was…<checks>…50 MILLION YEARS AGO?! Oh dear. I must rectify that.

I was going to make an epic post about the vacation I had this spring/summer/whenever it was it’s been so long ago I actually forgot, but then I realized that keeping it to myself is the best part. Besides, anyone who is going to read about it was either there and thus experienced it alongside me, or wasn’t there but would be so jealous that they would throttle me through their computer screens. I can’t be taking those kinds of chances with my life. Continue reading and we’re back!