and we’re back!

Wow. I am a bad blorger. The last time I posted a blerg was…<checks>…50 MILLION YEARS AGO?! Oh dear. I must rectify that.

I was going to make an epic post about the vacation I had this spring/summer/whenever it was it’s been so long ago I actually forgot, but then I realized that keeping it to myself is the best part. Besides, anyone who is going to read about it was either there and thus experienced it alongside me, or wasn’t there but would be so jealous that they would throttle me through their computer screens. I can’t be taking those kinds of chances with my life.

What I will say about vacation was that I needed it, I needed to see the people I saw, and I needed to be in the places I was in while I was there. There was nowhere I didn’t want to be, and no one I didn’t want to be there with me. It was food for the soul. Since then, I’ve understood better who the people are in my life that are meant to be there, and also the ones who are not and have been thusly excised from my periphery. In the meantime, new people have come into those empty places and filled those spots quite nicely, thank you very much.


So, what other things can I talk about here? Scrolling back through pictures on my phone shows me that I get a lot of haircuts, my cat is photogenic, I’ve been to a rock concert, food shaped like smiling faces is disturbing, I love my nephew and fireworks and kettle corn, New York City is bright at night, I am the best at arcade Tetris, and Bleepo Abernathy is a REAL LIVE PERSON WHO EATS MACARONI AND CHEESE. There is evidence of all these things, but I will share just one:

we love it when you eat us!

So that should keep you awake at night. It certainly worked for me.


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