a moment of silence

Apologies in advance, this won’t likely be the usual type of post, with jokes and whatnots.

So coming soon to be cross-posted here are posts for the October Horror Challenge, which is more or less exactly what it sounds like. It’s a month-long challenge to watch at least 31 horror films, 16 of which have to be first time views. People are gearing up for the Challenge, in particular, my dear friend Christianne Benedict from Krell Laboratories, who has designed the official blog images for this year’s Challenge, and is also currently doing a fundraiser to attend Fantastic Fest, so go check that out!


Anyhow, I expressed an interest in blogging this year’s Challenge, because I am trying to be better about writing more regularly, and Christi reminded me that our women-run, horror-related blog – Dreams in the Bitch House – would be the perfect place to do said blogging. So I logged in and was reminded of two things: one, we had THREE blogs there, because we originally couldn’t decide on a name; and two, there still exists posts and comments from our friend Jennifer, a.k.a Sunny, who passed away about two and a half years ago of liver failure.

My heart dropped.

Sunny had long been a regular on the IMDb horror boards, where so many of my friends and I met over our common love of all things spooky and scary. Eventually, when the boards were overrun with obnoxious people, a bunch of us migrated over to Facebook, where we continued and expanded upon our shenanigans. One of us, Jack, a.k.a. Flip, even started an FB group for ex-pat horror boarders to discuss and share our favorite horror films. The community grew, friendships and romances formed and fell apart, bonds were strengthened. A group of ladies from the board banded together to create a horror community for and by women. We recorded a couple of podcasts and enjoyed a bit of notoriety among the former boarders on FB.

But then Sunny took ill. Most of our communication was done in email, between ourselves and her mother, who kept us updated on her condition. And then one day, she was gone. Just like that. Slowly, the project lost momentum, our last podcast recorded almost exactly a year ago. But we never exactly lost interest, either. We still talk about doing podcasts. One day, one day.

Sunny’s passing was still fresh in our hearts when Flip died in an accident during a school outing. He was taken by the ocean, lost to the sea. It felt like being kicked in the back while laying on the ground after being punched in the solar plexus. The wind just got sucked from my lungs.

Seeing Sunny’s name again brought back a rush of feelings. How unfair it is for young people to have to die.

So it goes.

So, a pause, for those who have gone before…



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