Monthly Archives: January 2013


As you might have noticed, or not, I changed the theme of the blog. I don’t know why I would do such a silly thing. Actually, I do. It’s because I’m a fusspot, and I’m never exactly happy for long with any one look or layout. Besides, I had the old theme for long enough.

I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing. Like how you truncate posts on your front page so the whole thing doesn’t hog up the entire timeline. Yeah, I’m sure there’s a simple way to figure that out, but I’d like to discover it on my own. Or just get frustrated enough that I’ll ask someone. Continue reading facelift


the best stuff i watched in 2012

So I’ve been meaning to make a list of some of the better films I watched in 2012. Since it’s almost February 2013, why not now? This list is not solely comprised of movies that came out in 2012, so’s ya knows, just some of the good stuff that got piped into my eyeballs last year. Continue reading the best stuff i watched in 2012

anecdote time!!!

So I probably shouldn’t discuss this, but I cannot help myself. IT MAKES ME FULL OF GLEE.

The other day at work, my supervisor relayed a conversation with one of our co-workers. It went something like this: co-worker and her spouse had dinner with friends. These friends have a young daughter, 19, who announced her recent engagement at this gathering. Her response to this was “we are praying that they (the daughter and her fiance) break up.” Continue reading anecdote time!!!

full disclosure: contains justin bieber

I watch a lot of movies. Last year, I logged close to 300 views; this year the number dropped to about 250. That kind of depressed me, because I wanted to at least match last year’s number. As I did last year, I’ll post a list of everything I viewed, with first time views marked accordingly. I have noticed a disturbing trend, however: the more films I watch, the less books I read, and that is something I’m not particularly proud of. So with the help of some twitter pals, I’m logging my reading over at Goodreads. HORRAY. Continue reading full disclosure: contains justin bieber