anecdote time!!!

So I probably shouldn’t discuss this, but I cannot help myself. IT MAKES ME FULL OF GLEE.

The other day at work, my supervisor relayed a conversation with one of our co-workers. It went something like this: co-worker and her spouse had dinner with friends. These friends have a young daughter, 19, who announced her recent engagement at this gathering. Her response to this was “we are praying that they (the daughter and her fiance) break up.”


This co-worker is really nice, and one of my favorite people at work. She is also really Jesus-y. She goes to one of those hugenormous churches that until recently required that you turn over your W-2s before becoming a member. She prays a lot, and makes sure everyone knows about it. Nothing wrong with praying, however…

I’m not a praying person. I was raised in the Methodist church, but no longer attend, nor do I consider myself a member of any particular religion. God is a huge concept that ultimately translates to love. I believe in people, for they are tangible. Anyhow. My knowledge of prayer is that it is a way of talking with God, of communicating your hopes and fears to him, but not as a way of treating God as a genie in a bottle. God is not here to grant you wishes and make them come true. The idea of praying to God for a couple to break up seems to be a gross misunderstanding of prayer. God is not your hitman. Would it not be better to pray to God to give these people guidance in their lives, and not YOUR idea of guidance, but rather God’s? Or perhaps pray for them to have strength, or that their lives together are blessed?

This conversation amused me, apparently so much that I decided to tell you all about it. It’s just weird to me that super-church-y people don’t understand that God is not your magic personal wish-granter. And if he were, it just seems really crass to pray to him to break up a newly-engaged couple. Pray for their happiness, for fucks sake.




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