the best stuff i watched in 2012

So I’ve been meaning to make a list of some of the better films I watched in 2012. Since it’s almost February 2013, why not now? This list is not solely comprised of movies that came out in 2012, so’s ya knows, just some of the good stuff that got piped into my eyeballs last year.

The Killing
Sweet Smell of Success
Blow Out
Les Diaboliques
Martha Marcy May Marlene
The Skin I Live In
The Secret World of Arrietty
Paths of Glory
Bad Day at Black Rock
Curse of the Werewolf
The Avengers
Cabin in the Woods
Rare Exports
The Artist
Young Adult
Beyond the Black Rainbow
The Usual Suspects
Inglourious Basterds
Night of the Creeps

Okay. Many of the older films were ones that I was showing to my BFF Claire from IMDb’s Top 250 list. She isn’t a big movie fan, but wanted to see some of the more important or noteworthy films out there, so she and I started a Saturday series where I could show her some of my favorites mixed in with classics that I hadn’t seen yet. The big surprises were the two Kubrick films, The Killing and Paths of Glory, as well as the early De Palma, Blow Out, and also Sweet Smell of Success, which is my favorite Burt Lancaster role ever, aside from this nude photograph.

The only reason Thor made the cut is because I am a shameless fan of THIS GUY:




I feel like maybe I should justify Prometheus making the list, but then again, fuck you. I liked it. It is very flawed, and in retrospect Damon Lindelof shouldn’t have gotten his stinking paws on it, but it really wasn’t as bad as a lot of people said it was. At the very least, it has some of the most amazing visuals in a sci-fi film I’ve seen in a good long time. Michael Fassbender really looks like a robut version of Peter O’Toole, too. It’s amazing what they can do with CGI these days.*

Another explanation goes to Inglourious Basterds. I hate Quentin Tarantino. I think he’s a great big gaping asshole. But IB was really well made and had some very tense moments and also some scenes that made me cringe. I wish it hadn’t fridged the female characters, because they were the best part. Typical.

So, here it is, my top whatever of 2012 even though most of these were not made in 2012. Last year, I watched somewhere around 290 films. For this year, I’m listing everything I watch by month so I can keep a better record, including starring the especially good ones. So far, I am ahead of pace to watch one movie a day, logging close to 40 films this month alone. Hopefully, I’ll end up watching more first time views than repeats. There are so many great films out there I haven’t seen, and it would be a shame to just keep watching the same films over and over, even though there will always be some movies that I must watch on a yearly basis. That’s just the rules around here.

*Michael Fassbender is purely CGI, right?**




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