As you might have noticed, or not, I changed the theme of the blog. I don’t know why I would do such a silly thing. Actually, I do. It’s because I’m a fusspot, and I’m never exactly happy for long with any one look or layout. Besides, I had the old theme for long enough.

I’m still figuring out this whole blog thing. Like how you truncate posts on your front page so the whole thing doesn’t hog up the entire timeline. Yeah, I’m sure there’s a simple way to figure that out, but I’d like to discover it on my own. Or just get frustrated enough that I’ll ask someone. Or maybe I JUST FOUND THE GODDAMN BUTTON THAT DOES IT FOR ME?!?! Yes. That is exactly what I did. Go me. Wooo. I don’t think I’ve ever made a blog post long enough to truncate. Well, maybe I have. Anyhow, horray for anna, anna is the best ever. Now I am going back and truncating ALL THE POSTS. Well, some of them. Many of them? A few. Whatever.

So anyhow, I really like this new theme. I like Sad Frankenstein’s Creation, all front and center when you land here from your travels about the internet. I like the skulls and cobwebs and all that shit. I’m a Halloween Kid at heart, you see. That stuff is my kryptonite. EVERY TIME, MAN. I am a habitual purchaser of Halloween socks. Every year I try to get a few pairs of knee-high colorful socks. It’s not like a lot of people see them anyway. The best time to buy them is like the day after the 31st, because you can get them for so cheap too. See, this blorf is already saving you money! You’re welcome.

I’ve also added a couple links to the top where you can find me on other platforms online, and also drop a couple coins in the collection box if you’re so inclined. NO PRESSURE OKAY.

And now we reach the part of the presentation where I post a picture and make a comment. Ready?


oh, hey, the comment is already built in. my work here is done.



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