well, bye.

I dumped a couple people from some of my social networks today. I would feel bad about this, but they said one too many dipshitty things* so I was all like “OKAY BYE” and de-friended their asses.

De-friended? Is that even a word? Well, either way, fuck those people. OKAY BYEEEEEEE.

So. Here we are. I am less two people in my outskirts of awareness that I hardly talked to anyway. I don’t feel particularly bad about it. I don’t miss them, and I won’t. Eventually, I will have about three friends online, and I will be okay with that.

As I type this, I have deleted another friend. The reason doesn’t matter. I drew a line in the sand. Oh well. BYE.

Anyway. It’s Valentine’s Day! Today is like a big love fest, right?! What do you love? Who do you love? Do you love George Thorogood? I think he’s okay, but I wouldn’t call it love. I do love pizzas, though, but a pizza can’t sing me a song about who do I love, so there’s that.

Look. This post got all terrible. My point is: if you’re going to be an enormous shit, I don’t want to know you. I love my friends fiercely, but I don’t tolerate fucking assholes much anymore. Only got so much love to spread around here, and I’m only spending it on my pals.


i hope i lose some “friends” for this awful pun.

*(for reference: here and here)


4 thoughts on “well, bye.

  1. Sadly, I am a pun-whore, so your effort to get me to leave this way, will NOT work. xoxo


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