hey hey ho ho

Hello there. I have been incognitus for a short while, due to commitments outside of writing blog posts for you. A multitude of things. I also realized that my last blog post could have served as a goodbye of some kind, and ha ha ha, you can’t get rid of me that easily. Suckers. So I thought I would maybe update you on what I’ve been doing lately!

The biggest time chunk has been an essay on The Phantom of the Paradise that I’ve been working on for my pal Aaron Christensen‘s latest book o’ essays about lesser-known horror films, called Hidden Horror 101. So soon, I will be a for real published author. No pay on this, but it’s about the love of the genre. That’s the most exciting thing that’s been going on.

Numero Two has been participating in Destination Imagination as a regional Challenge Master (basically the person who heads up the appraisal team) for Challenge C, which is the theatrical-based challenge. Destination Imagination is a creative problem-solving competition that focuses on STEM skills for school-age children (K-12 mostly, but there are also college-level teams on occasion). The regional DI tournament was this past weekend, so I am done being a Challenge Master for this year, but I will be going on to the state level as a Head Appraiser for the high school level for Challenge C. The kids who participate in DI are some of the most creative, fun and amazing kids out there, so it’s always a good time seeing the solutions they present to the various challenges.

I have also been pushing myself to watch at least 356 movies this year. They don’t have to be first time views, but they do have to be 365 different films. I fell behind pace in February, so this month I’m trying to get my numbers back up to create a cushion for those times when I do lose pace on occasion. As of today, I have watched 69 films in 2013, so I am one film behind pace. Easy to make up. So far I’ve seen several FTVs that have been especially memorable, including the following:

Vernon, Florida
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
Wreck-It Ralph
Lawrence of Arabia
Cannibal Apocalypse
The Untouchables

Lawrence of Arabia particularly stuck with me, because I watched it right after watching Prometheus for a second time, and since the character of David in the latter film is partially based on Peter O’Toole’s performance in Lawrence of Arabia I am working up some kind of essay on David and androids and replicants and Ridley Scott, etc. That’s going to keep me occupied for probably the rest of the year. Or my life. Who can tell?

So this is what is keeping me from posting blogs lately. This is not a trend! There will be posts to come.

And now, your picture and caption!

mos def

so long, and thanks for all the fish, Douglas Adams!



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