it is time again. time enough at last.

So this weekend is HorrorHound Weekend, the Spring Edition. I got my haircut, and I am trying to pack as light as possible because this year I cannot drive myself due to CAR ACCIDENT.

Yes! Earlier this week, as I was going to work, I slipped on the road and ran into another vehicle. It only suffered a blown tire; the front of my car exploded off in a hail of plastic bumper and styrofoam. STYROFOAM! Can you believe that shit? That’s what’s behind your bumper, protecting your melon from meeting the asphalt face-first. I was SO. PISSED. when I saw all that styrofoam on the road. Christ. Anyhow, my car is currently being rebuilt into a fucking robot/Steve Austin (not the wrestler, obvs) car. WE CAN REBUILD IT. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY.

So anyway, I am sans car for three weeks because of the fucking weather, so I have to get a ride to HorrorHound Weekend, which is weird because I have 500 million things to bring or else I will die but I have to fit them all into someone else’s car. Yes, I need 700 pairs of underpants, thanks for asking. You never know! And I do need provisions in case my sleeves catch fire…AGAIN. Gotta be prepared for anything.

But all that is the typical anxiety I experience before traveling far from my home, where the bed and the cat are. Should I pack my cat, just in case? What if his sleeves catch fire and I’m not home to fix that? Better pack the cat. Never can tell. And I always feel like I need years to pack everything, but I always end up doing it like the night before and then I feel like I miss something, even though it’s all there, and there was time. There was time! henry bemis

ah-what? hmm? oh yes, as i was saying, there was time!

But by the time I get there, I won’t need the cat or 687 of those pairs of underpants. I always overpack, even when I pack just the right amount. There’s always a few things that I look at and go, “now why are you here?”

But you don’t know. What if you need that full-size fire extinguisher? You’re gonna regret not having it when the cat catches fire!



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