coming soon: the October Horror Movie Challenge 2013

Next month, you’ll be hearing a lot on this blorf about the October Horror Movie Challenge for 2013, or in short form, the OHMC. Read on for the deets!

The October Horror Movie Challenge is basically what the title says: it’s a challenge for watching horror films in October. The rules are basic – watch 31 horror films during the tenth month, 16 of which must be first time views for you. Some folks will ramp that up to strictly 31 first time views, some people go for the gold and try to cram over a hundred views into their schedule (something I do not personally recommend, as there was a year where I came close to that number, and subsequently sank into a kind of funk for the rest of the year as a result). Some folks run their views as a sort of fundraising campaign, taking pledges or donating a certain amount of money for each film they watch.

This is something I would like to try this year, by raising money for Equality Toledo, an area organization that provides support and advocacy for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. I will be asking for pledges, as well as myself giving an amount per film I watch. So here’s where I’m asking you, pals, to help me raise some money for an organization I very strongly believe in and wish to really support. You can give whatever amount you feel comfortable with; you can give a flat amount, or an amount-per-film (some folks pledge anything from a nickel to a quarter or more per film viewed), it’s entirely up to you.

Every year, Christianne Benedict of Krell Laboratories creates banner images for bloggers to use throughout the OHMC, as well as compiling a link roundup of various participating website. Here are this year’s official October Horror Movie Challenge images, and I have to say, they are FABULOUS:





If you plan on blogging the Challenge, please visit Krell Labs and let Christi know so she can include your site in the link roundup. I myself will be writing mini-reviews of my watchlist over at Dreams In The Bitch House, with full reviews of the best films back here. Those who play along on twitter can keep an eye on the hashtag #OHMC2013 to follow any livetweet events. I’ll keep you all updated on my watchlist the closer we get to October, and if you’d like to pledge an amount-per-film-viewed, let me know either in the comments below, on twitter if that’s your bag (find me at whynotanna), or via email at maxasaurus dot rex at gmail dot com.



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