an update

Hello. While I’ve been blogging the October Horror Movie Challenge, I’ve been leaving all personal writing to the wayside. So let me do a quick rundown of everything that’s been happening lately…

In mid-September, I was let go from my job. This was something of a blessing in disguise, in that I wasn’t happy there, so it was nice to be free of it. However, since it wasn’t on my own terms, I was left in the lurch to scramble for a new job. After a month and a half of panic and sending out resumes and applications to every  posting I could find, I finally found something that I think is going to work out very well for me. It’ll be rough going for a little while still, because living paycheck to paycheck before being given the boot didn’t leave me with a lot of spare money laying around. Ah well. Life goes on.

Having that much free time on my hands allowed me to not only finish the October Challenge well over the minimum requirements, but to also do full reviews for some of the films. So I hope that if you came here strictly for movie posts, you might be disappointed on occasion. Fear not, there will still be film writing, but I can’t say it’ll be in the same quantity as it was in October. So there’s that.

Speaking of movies, my goal for this year was to watch 365 unique movies, one for each day. I’m pleased to announce that with the progress I made in October, I am only about 26 movies away from completing that goal. There were some months where I got behind pace, but at this point, 365 should be a breeze. There have been a good mix of repeat views and first times, so it’s been an exciting year on that front.

On Halloween, a bunch of people participated in an End of Days live-tweet, akin to a modern-day “War of the Worlds” broadcast. It was very fun, and there were a lot of people either playing or following along from coast to coast. Some of it was very creepy, and I ended up having some bizarre dreams that night, but it was worth it.

I visited the Amana Colonies in Iowa and Chicago in mid-October, which was especially lovely with the color changes in the trees. While in Chicago, I attended part of a horror movie marathon at the Patio Theater and got to see Goblin play a live show, which is a pretty much once-in-a-lifetime for me. And way prior to that, I saw George Clinton with Parliament Funkadelic in concert, and now life is pretty much complete.

Other than that, it’s been pretty chill around here. Today is Voting Day, so it’s time to get out and do that.

voting is funky.



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