Noirvember and the upcoming holidays

2013 is almost over. Thank maude, because while this year had a bang-up beginning, it’s looking to end with a whimper. Onward and upward. November is when many folks in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, on a late Thursday in the month, although Christmas hovers over everything from about 1 October through the actual holiday itself. So it goes.

Recently, the term “Noirvember” came into my consciousness, and since I’m woefully lax in watching any kind of film noir, I figured it seemed to be a good time to catch up on that. After the October Horror Movie Challenge, many people spend the following month participating in the Turkey Challenge, which consists of watching 16 first time views (horror, of course) that are rated 4.4 stars or less on IMDb. I subjected myself to enough bad horror in October that I decided to combine the Turkey Challenge with Noirvember to watch 16 new-to-me noir films throughout the month. This gets me within about ten movies from my year-long goal of 365 total films watched. As luck has it, there are exactly 16 noirs on Netflix instant that I haven’t seen from start to finish (the main offender being Double Indemnity, which I’ve never watched in an entire sitting), and as long as they don’t all expire in the next two days, I’m set on that particular challenge.

double indemnityFinally…

Speaking of Netflix, I’m sad to say that I had to postpone my disc plan with them while unemployed. It’s times like this where I really miss having it, because there is a wider variety of films through that method. It’s just proof that when I can afford it, it’s a great addition to the streaming plan, which is still limited in scope. Looking through the discs I had in my queue, there are things on there I know will probably never come to streaming –  stuff like Cannibal Apocalypse, which, despite its lurid title, is one of the best post-Vietnam horror films ever, or Night of the Bloody Apes, which is probably just as lurid as its title suggests.


Once November is over, then it gets to Christmas movie time, so we haul out stuff like Scrooged and Christmas Vacation, Die Hard and Gremlins, A Christmas Story (24-hours of it, in fact – send help) and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. I’ll be writing up a bunch of particular holiday favorites in the next few weeks (let’s let our trick or treat candy settle in our stomachs for a while first), so check back for that.

Let’s see, anything else? I think that’s about all for now. I’m trying to keep up a steady stream of any kind of writing, which is probably a good thing when it gets to this time of year. Just blather on through until well past January, and beyond. Forward. Ever forward.



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