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Twixt a Rock and a Hard Place – White Elephant Blogathon 2014

Sometimes I just don’t know what possesses me. Today, I was thinking about the upcoming John Ford Blogathon that Christianne of Krell Laboratories and I are going to host in July. I was trying to suss out how I would approach the collection of Ford’s films, finally deciding to attack it in chronological order, despite Christi recommending I begin with My Darling Clementine (1946) and How Green Was My Valley (1941) [sorry, C!]. Suddenly I remembered: I have to get around to…a BUNCH of other writing commitments! Continue reading Twixt a Rock and a Hard Place – White Elephant Blogathon 2014


Godzillas and Monsters

Welcome to the Year of Godzilla, in this, the Second Year of Luigi. It is the 60th anniversary of Godzilla’s first screen appearance, a 1954 eponymous debut which was later recut for US audiences and given the eye-catching title Godzilla: King of the Monsters!, exclamation point and all. And now, there’s a new entry in a long-running collection of films about and featuring the giant atomic lizard, another Hollywood-produced bit of early summer blockbustery. Sixty years is a long run, nearly as long as Christopher Lee’s career at this point, with as many ups and downs. Continue reading Godzillas and Monsters

Hidden Horror – Award Winning!

As you may or may not know, I recently contributed an article to HIDDEN HORROR, a compendium of essays on 101 different horror films that don’t often get the same recognition as the films one would see on a typical “50 greatest” list. What began as a labor of love, compiled and edited by Chicago-based actor and horror guru Aaron “Dr. AC” Christensen, soon became the little book that could. Continue reading Hidden Horror – Award Winning!