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1967 in Film Blogathon – Quatermass and the Pit

Greetings, and welcome to the 1967 in Film Blogathon, hosted by Silver Screenings. All it took was a virtual whispering in the ear from Christianne Benedict of Krell Laboratories: “Quatermass and the Pit is still on the table, too…nudge, nudge…” and here we go. I had a sense that this blogathon would likely be focused on US cinema, as there were indeed a great many cultural and aesthetic shifts in and around 1967, so the idea of talking a little about a film outside of those parameters sounded like a bit of fun. That’s not to mention the whole idea of tossing a Hammer-produced science fiction / horror film into the mix — too delicious an opportunity to pass. Continue reading 1967 in Film Blogathon – Quatermass and the Pit