2014 in First Time Views: The Top 25

What a year! There’s been good and bad, like so many other years before, as we plow along in this life. It’s been a big year of first time views for me, from new additions in a growing collection of Criterion and Alamo Drafthouse editions to a celebration of John Ford’s career. I’ve winnowed down 116 FTVs to a list of 25 of the best new-to-me films watched in 2014, and here they are, in alphabetical order!

20 Feet From Stardom (2013, dir. Morgan Neville)
3 Bad Men (1926, dir. John Ford)
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978, dir. Lau Kar-leung)
American Movie (1999, Chris Smith)
The Babadook (2014, dir. Jennifer Kent)

the babadook
The Children’s Hour (1961, dir. William Wyler)
Cutie and the Boxer (2013, dir. Zachary Heinzerling)
Eating Raoul (1982, dir. Paul Bartel)
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction (2012, dir. Sophie Huber)
How Green Was My Valley (1941, dir. John Ford)

The Innocents (1961, dir. Jack Clayton)
Insomnia (1997, dir. Erik Skjoldbjærg)
The Lords of Salem (2012, dir. Rob Zombie)
Mr. Sardonicus (1961, dir. William Castle)
Ms. 45 (1981, dir. Abel Ferrara)

My Darling Clementine (1946, dir. John Ford)
Pilgrimage (1933, dir. John Ford)
Quatermass and the Pit (1967, dir. Roy Ward Baker)
Scanners (1981, dir. David Cronenberg)
Snowpiercer (2013, dir. Bong Joon-Ho)

The Tale of Zatoichi (1962, dir. Kenji Misumi)
The Tale of Zatoichi Continues (1962, dir. Kazuo Mori)
The Visitor (1979, dir. Giulio Paradisi)
The Wages of Fear (1953, dir. Henri-Georges Clouzot)
X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes (1963, dir. Roger Corman)

x man
I won’t talk about the worst new-to-me movies I watched in 2014, except to say The Groove Tube sucks and also I cannot, will not recommend Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead to anyone ever. Anyway, happy movie-watching 2014, they can’t all be winners, whatcha’ gonna’ do. The movies that almost made the cut for the top 25 far outweigh the handful of total crap, so overall, it was a very good year in first time viewing. Hurrah, I am the best at picking FTVs! Go Anna.


2 thoughts on “2014 in First Time Views: The Top 25

    1. I am TOO SCARED to buy the Babadook book, so best of luck to you!

      I love The Innocents. It works on about a million levels and still manages to terrify every time. A genuine classic!


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