malachite and the snake

23 april 2020

something like a poem

yesterday i wore a pendant made of
cradled in silver thread
a sign of balance, intention

before bed i cradle the stone
in my hands
to cleanse the stone by
visualizing pure white light

i don’t dare leave the necklace
out of doors
because i am well aware
of weather and of thieves

cupping the deep green rock
in my hands
i begin to imagine light
radiating from my palms

as i sit on my bed i saw in
my mind’s eye
a black trail of smoke
escape from the stone

like a snake the smoke coils
from the malachite
and then it’s gone, free

i hold the stone to my heart
breathing deep
and i go to bed with a sense
of feeling weightless and soft

in the night, i have a dream
in darkness
a snake is in my room
obscene, enormous, black

in my dream i recall that i’ve had
dreams within
dreams about the snake
it’s real as you or me, in dreams

i’m not entirely afraid
of the snake
it seems to be a portent
of transformation and the unconscious

when i wake up i read more about
it’s a stone of transformation
dedicated to the heart


the pendant in question


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