this site is where i write about things and post pictures with italicized comments.

i also write about movies, casually.

i am just your average, ordinary, every day dude.

i hail from Ohio, which is a weird place.

which explains a lot, i guess.


2 thoughts on “aboot

  1. Hi Anna,
    I’ve written a blog for the upcoming John Ford blogathon that focuses on under-appreciated women’s roles in his films. I would like to submit it to the upcoming blogathon but am having a problem understanding how to do this. Do either you or the woman at Krell Labs have an email address I can send my blog link to? If your addresses are posted on your sites, I can’t find them. If you can respond at your earliest convenience, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. Hi David! Thank you for participating in the blogathon. Please send your link to me – theannadynamite at gmail. We’ll get it put up on our sites during the run of the ‘thon.

      Thanks again!


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