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OHMC 2014 – Week Two: A Music Box of Horrors

Another week bites the dust in the October Horror Movie Challenge, bolstered by a trip to Chicago for the 10th annual Music Box of Horrors at the historic Music Box Theater. Several more views under the belt and I’m now a handful of films away from meeting the minimum challenge requirements. Read on! Continue reading OHMC 2014 – Week Two: A Music Box of Horrors

The Best (and Worst) of 2013!

This year is over, and like everyone says at the end of pretty much every year, good riddance. No, that’s not right. It wasn’t a bad year at all! Every year has good and bad things that happen. That’s just par for the course. So what all happened this year and what were the great new things and what were the not-so-great things? Let’s review! Continue reading The Best (and Worst) of 2013!

Noirvember and the upcoming holidays

2013 is almost over. Thank maude, because while this year had a bang-up beginning, it’s looking to end with a whimper. Onward and upward. November is when many folks in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, on a late Thursday in the month, although Christmas hovers over everything from about 1 October through the actual holiday itself. So it goes. Continue reading Noirvember and the upcoming holidays