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blu ray review: Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

*throws hat into the ring*

Well, now that Shout! / Scream Factory has released their spanking blu-ray for Brian de Palma’s Phantom of the Paradise (1974), I’m contributing yet another review to the many already out there for this new edition of the film. Having written an essay on Phantom for the award-winning book, Hidden Horror, I feel particularly compelled. So, onward! Continue reading blu ray review: Phantom of the Paradise (1974)

the perils of the revival

Recently, a group of my friends and I visited a nearby revival house to watch a screening of The Princess Bride (1987). I seriously misunderestimated the enduring popularity of this film, because when we arrived at the theater, there was a line to the box office that ended somewhere around the back of the building. It was impressive. I do not know why I assumed it would be like any other time I’ve visited there — The Princess Bride is a HUGE cult classic, quoted to this day and so ubiquitous in our pop culture that it’s popularity never fully registered with me. It’s always been one of those movies that just was. Continue reading the perils of the revival

anecdote time!!!

So I probably shouldn’t discuss this, but I cannot help myself. IT MAKES ME FULL OF GLEE.

The other day at work, my supervisor relayed a conversation with one of our co-workers. It went something like this: co-worker and her spouse had dinner with friends. These friends have a young daughter, 19, who announced her recent engagement at this gathering. Her response to this was “we are praying that they (the daughter and her fiance) break up.” Continue reading anecdote time!!!

full disclosure: contains justin bieber

I watch a lot of movies. Last year, I logged close to 300 views; this year the number dropped to about 250. That kind of depressed me, because I wanted to at least match last year’s number. As I did last year, I’ll post a list of everything I viewed, with first time views marked accordingly. I have noticed a disturbing trend, however: the more films I watch, the less books I read, and that is something I’m not particularly proud of. So with the help of some twitter pals, I’m logging my reading over at Goodreads. HORRAY. Continue reading full disclosure: contains justin bieber

i’m sorry i said some things one time whatever

Okay. Once upon a time, I made a blarf post full of Completely True* Facts about Micky Dolenz. These facts were all recorded by me and my fellow historian, Rev. Back It On Up of Simian Idiot, as well as a couple of guest historians. But the thing is, these facts weren’t so much “facts” as they were “shit that was fucking funny as hell and probably not very factual, OBVIOUSLY.” People blew their goddamn lids, because apparently MD didn’t invent the internet, nor is he my grandmother. Huh. Learn something new, etc. Continue reading i’m sorry i said some things one time whatever