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happy anniversary, my blog! (contains non-recommendations)

Hello, my friends! I think you’re my friends. Anyhow, this here blog finally turned three years old recently, which means I can probably start taking off the potty training wheels any time now. I’m going to use this momentous occasion to un-recommend some movies for you! Continue reading happy anniversary, my blog! (contains non-recommendations)

2014 in First Time Views: The Top 25

What a year! There’s been good and bad, like so many other years before, as we plow along in this life. It’s been a big year of first time views for me, from new additions in a growing collection of Criterion and Alamo Drafthouse editions to a celebration of John Ford’s career. I’ve winnowed down 116 FTVs to a list of 25 of the best new-to-me films watched in 2014, and here they are, in alphabetical order! Continue reading 2014 in First Time Views: The Top 25

the perils of the revival

Recently, a group of my friends and I visited a nearby revival house to watch a screening of The Princess Bride (1987). I seriously misunderestimated the enduring popularity of this film, because when we arrived at the theater, there was a line to the box office that ended somewhere around the back of the building. It was impressive. I do not know why I assumed it would be like any other time I’ve visited there — The Princess Bride is a HUGE cult classic, quoted to this day and so ubiquitous in our pop culture that it’s popularity never fully registered with me. It’s always been one of those movies that just was. Continue reading the perils of the revival

Godzillas and Monsters

Welcome to the Year of Godzilla, in this, the Second Year of Luigi. It is the 60th anniversary of Godzilla’s first screen appearance, a 1954 eponymous debut which was later recut for US audiences and given the eye-catching title Godzilla: King of the Monsters!, exclamation point and all. And now, there’s a new entry in a long-running collection of films about and featuring the giant atomic lizard, another Hollywood-produced bit of early summer blockbustery. Sixty years is a long run, nearly as long as Christopher Lee’s career at this point, with as many ups and downs. Continue reading Godzillas and Monsters

conversations from twitter!

anna: “should i consider going back to school?”

dave blogger: “while kindergarten sounds like fun it might get boring after a few months”

anna: “perhaps, but at least i got my shoe-tying game on LOCK.”

dave:  “tru dat. You show those 5 year olds who’s boss!”

anna: “i’m gonna school them at…well, school, i suppose.”


NOTE: I am recently unemployed, so you might see more posts here. Yay?

crap salad (probably NSFW)

So the other night, I came home from work and promptly fell asleep on the couch for about 90 minutes. As one does. By the time I woke up, it was nearly 7:30pm, and neither mom nor I had eaten dinner, nor did we have any ideas about what to eat other than we knew we needed to eat. So we began looking through the cupboards and the pantry to see what we could make, which turned up bupkis unless we wanted to eat boxed macaroni cheese, which no. So we did the natural thing: we sat on the couch for another half-hour and did nothing about putting food in our faces until mom turned to me and said, “wanna go to McDonald’s and get some chickie nuggets?” and I was, surprisingly, all like “DEAR GOD YES.” so we went to McDonald’s. Continue reading crap salad (probably NSFW)