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happy turkey day!

From my heart to yours, a Thanksgiving tradition ’round these parts… Continue reading happy turkey day!


places where we didn’t eat

This weekend, my parents and I are in Cincinnati to go see the baseball. Along the way, we stopped to get something quick to eat because a) I hadn’t eaten much, and 2) I get fucking cranky when I don’t eat, so see a. We ended up at the first place we saw, which was Taco Bell, which was fine by me, because it gave me another chance to see if they finally used my tweet in their Doritos Locos Tacos packaging.

Skunked again. Continue reading places where we didn’t eat

imagine nothing ever changing

Recently, there was a big kerfuffle over Cee Lo Green, whom I love, changing some key lyrics to a really popular song by John Lennon, whom I don’t love but don’t necessarily hate either. I won’t hash over the gory details, because it’s kind of common knowledge by now, but it made a lot of people really, really upset. I mean really upset. Like this morsel of butthurt: Continue reading imagine nothing ever changing