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Bro’d Trip – Magic Mike XXL

There’s a scene inĀ Magic Mike XXL (2015, dir. Gregory Jacobs) where pretty-boy Ken (Matt Bomer) sings Bryan Adams’ “Heaven” to a neglected housewife who has just disclosed that she and her husband have not had sex with the lights on in several years. He holds her close, encouraging her to demand more in the bedroom, essentially telling her that she deserves to have her fantasies come true. It’s such a completely raw, naked (though fully-clothed) moment that I wasn’t entirely sure if I should have applauded or cried. I may have done both. As it turns out, there are several similarly surprising and heartfelt moments in this sequel to the 2012 smash hit. Continue reading Bro’d Trip – Magic Mike XXL

anecdote time!!!

So I probably shouldn’t discuss this, but I cannot help myself. IT MAKES ME FULL OF GLEE.

The other day at work, my supervisor relayed a conversation with one of our co-workers. It went something like this: co-worker and her spouse had dinner with friends. These friends have a young daughter, 19, who announced her recent engagement at this gathering. Her response to this was “we are praying that they (the daughter and her fiance) break up.” Continue reading anecdote time!!!

i’m sorry i said some things one time whatever

Okay. Once upon a time, I made a blarf post full of Completely True* Facts about Micky Dolenz. These facts were all recorded by me and my fellow historian, Rev. Back It On Up of Simian Idiot, as well as a couple of guest historians. But the thing is, these facts weren’t so much “facts” as they were “shit that was fucking funny as hell and probably not very factual, OBVIOUSLY.” People blew their goddamn lids, because apparently MD didn’t invent the internet, nor is he my grandmother. Huh. Learn something new, etc. Continue reading i’m sorry i said some things one time whatever

what fresh hell…?

Wow. Looking at yesterday’s blorg, what happened there? What a hot mess. Two pictures in one post?! So atypical. Well, anyhow. Thanks to everyone who read it, and I’m sorry I wasn’t exactly coherent. I’d especially like to apologize to my followers, which…thanks for following me in the first place. I’m glad you are here. Frankly, I’m SURPRISED you’re here, because I have what’s known in the medical community as a crippling case of self-doubt, low esteem, and a general disbelief in the fact that some people might actually LIKE me. But not LIKE LIKE me. Not like that. Noooooo way. So anyhow, um, thanks! Enjoy the stay.

Now, on with today’s blerg! Continue reading what fresh hell…?

facts about: micky dolenz

[part one in maybe an ongoing series of facts about people or things, or maybe just a one part series, or who knows]

If you know me at all, you know that I am a Smart Person Who Knows Things About History and People. There are scant few of us SPWKTAHPs out there; in fact, I really only know one: Simian Idiot, a.k.a. Rev. Back It On Up 13, a.k.a. The Big Boss of This Area, a.k.a. Diana. We used to lay down all kinds of True Facts and Historical Knowledge all the time on a newsgroup called [REDACTED], but it’s been a while since we schooled people with Truth. Continue reading facts about: micky dolenz