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[HEALTH] Trump Appoints Anti-Contraception, Anti-Abortion Activist to Government’s Largest Family-Planning Program

This article originally appeared at Vita di Donna on 23 May 2017 and can be read here (in Italian). Associazione Vita di Donna Onlus is a non-profit organization based out of Rome, Italy, that aims to protect women’s health and reproductive rights, headed up by Dr. Elisabetta Canitano. Continue reading [HEALTH] Trump Appoints Anti-Contraception, Anti-Abortion Activist to Government’s Largest Family-Planning Program


Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

I’m sitting here, at the end of a long work day (I did not take a break, except a brief retreat to the restroom, mostly just to get away from my desk but not interact with others), and I am numb. Earlier, the news broke across social media that Carrie Fisher had died. When I saw the words of the headline, I drew a sharp breath and fought the harsh sting of immediate tears, a battle I would continue to wage for the rest of the day. Burying myself in a heavy workload after a long weekend, I tried to distract myself from the creeping feeling of despair, but I kept turning back to the constant stream of posts and tweets. Some genuine, some absurd, some cringe-worthy. Every one would bring the tears again, and I would have to look away. Continue reading Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

the perils of the revival

Recently, a group of my friends and I visited a nearby revival house to watch a screening of The Princess Bride (1987). I seriously misunderestimated the enduring popularity of this film, because when we arrived at the theater, there was a line to the box office that ended somewhere around the back of the building. It was impressive. I do not know why I assumed it would be like any other time I’ve visited there — The Princess Bride is a HUGE cult classic, quoted to this day and so ubiquitous in our pop culture that it’s popularity never fully registered with me. It’s always been one of those movies that just was. Continue reading the perils of the revival

Hidden Horror – Award Winning!

As you may or may not know, I recently contributed an article to HIDDEN HORROR, a compendium of essays on 101 different horror films that don’t often get the same recognition as the films one would see on a typical “50 greatest” list. What began as a labor of love, compiled and edited by Chicago-based actor and horror guru Aaron “Dr. AC” Christensen, soon became the little book that could. Continue reading Hidden Horror – Award Winning!